Evangelism and Discipleship Training

The Evangelism and Discipleship Training is designed to equip and empower disciples who make disciples. Evangelism and Discipleship Training offers the opportunity to complete an advanced Certificate in Evangelism and Discipleship and become an effective disciple maker in three months. Gospel Outreach Team The participants have the opportunity to get hands-on gospel outreach internship experienceContinue reading “Evangelism and Discipleship Training”

Welcome to Agape Church Planting

Agape Church Planting is a family of church planters working to plant a healthy church in every community where people from all walks of life experience redemptive love, transforming grace, living hope, and abundant life. As a biblically independent church with a strong disciple-making culture, we strive to lead and grow a healthy church thatContinue reading “Welcome to Agape Church Planting”